Biennial Juried Show March 2020

Juror James Temte

I am a Northern Cheyenne contemporary visual artists and muralist. I love to alternate areas of organic movement with linear ribbons and patterns of richly variegated hues representing my Native American heritage. I work spontaneously, constructing motifs directly on the canvases and walls while emphasizing the tangible aspects of mixed media through innumerable applications of opaque and transparent color. With color and imagery as a metaphor, I explore a spiritual realm, eliciting feelings, associations, and meanings that allude to a concrete, visible reality. Ultimately, it is this meditative content and its emotional timbre that lies at the heart of my work.

The first recollection of my journey as an artist was in kindergarten when we were allowed to finger paint. I loved it and ended up painting with my knuckles because I loved the design it made when I went in a circle which created a pattern resembling the flower my mom grew in her garden. Since then I experimented with crayons and makers on living room walls, spray paint on the side of the house, pencil, acrylic, charcoal, ink on paper, pastels and paints.

For me art my art is to be experienced. Life is the experience of imagining, daring, creating, following tangents, and creating again. It is my hope that the final pieces allow the viewer’s imagination to wander through my story, their journey, and settle in the space of contemplation and connection. So much of the human experience is unique but at the same time so much of it is to be shared.