What is your medium(media) of choice?

Stained Glass (original, custom, solder sculpture, heirloom, restoration)

When/How did you discover this medium and make it your own?

After exploring many other media I was introduced to glass by a former college professor. This was in the mid-70’s. I began my glass adventures by restoring old church windows. This was a class of its own, hands on learning from old masters by taking their windows apart and giving them a new life. After moving to Alaska I found old windows were not in abundance so I needed to change my direction and create original pieces of art. I still have the occasional restoration request but now I primarily create custom and art pieces. My favorite challenge is in 3-D using flat glass to create dimension and interest. Alaska offers a multitude of subjects and ideas to incorporate into my art. 

Where and how do you work?  

I moved my custom glass studio to Alaska in 1985 and operated it as a side business out of my home in Eagle River while working for MOA as an Administrative Officer for Parks retiring in 2007. My husband and I moved to the Peninsula where we reside now. I have a studio on our property in the Funny River Community. I am free now to put as much time as I wish into my studio and art. I participate in area art show, some craft events and do custom work out of my studio. Teaching classes when time allows.

How does your creativity/art making fit into your life?  

I am always creating and working on ideas for something. I design original pieces and more structured pieces requested by customers. I love the long winters in Alaska, my studio is heated with a wood stove and many windows so I have a perfect way to pass the time. My studio is my happy place!

We all get frustrated at times in our lives.  Whether with our art and we somehow overcome it or with life in general and our art saves us. Can you share a frustrating moment with us and how you dealt with it?

My glass art has seen me through many rough times. As a single parent for many years it was my second job. But a job I could do at home while raising my boys. It also gave me a place to find peace and calm in a very busy house. My family has always been my priority and they have supported my art completely. My husband has certainly been my rock, he built my studio for retirement and is always ready to help when there is a window to be installed or a show to set up.

The pandemic has probably been the most challenging for everyone. I find myself fortunate as we live on 20 acres tucked into the woods. I enjoy creating and having time to myself…of course it’s more difficult to make contact with customers but I’ve managed to make it all work. And distancing isn’t much different for me except for community involvement.

Do you see new roles developing for artists/art?

I really don’t see a lot of new opportunities in this area right now. I hope new avenues will open when things get back to a more normal environment. I try to stay alert to up-coming event that may be suitable to my art but find very few. 

How do you share your creativity? 

I have a website, offer a Christmas Shop for local artists and myself to sell in my Studio, belong to Homer Council on the Arts, Kenai Fine Arts Center, and the Soldotna Chamber of Commerce.

What ideas do you have for how artists can share their work with the community?

I believe it would be a good addition to Kenai Fine Arts Center to add a page to their website that would give members a place to sell their works or contact their website. When customers are looking for an artist in a particular medium this is a wonderful service.

Linda is a certified “Made in Alaska” artist/craftsman. 

To see more of Linda’s work or to contact her, go to https://www.stainedglasswindowak.com/

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